September 7, 2004

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Sleep Tight

Being a Tooth Fairy is a low-key, wonderful gig: collect a few teeth; make kids smile. For Belle Moody, life is perfect—until her aunt Lila loses their every dime! What will go under kids’ pillows? She has to take a second job playing the part of a European royal just to get change.

Millionaire Boone Wentworth’s year has gone from bad to worse, and now he’s experiencing headaches and dark mood swings, becoming a real Boogeyman! He’s sold everything to hide out on a remote farm, but nothing can stop the transformation: He’s even grown wings! So when he learns the sexy princess who made her way into his life is a fraud, her charade is something he just can’t swallow. This princess is going to discover that trying to dupe him is like pulling teeth.