SEAL Team: Disavowed Book # 5
June 20, 2017

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Professional barrel racer, Delilah Bowing, finds her friend not only dead, but branded with entwined triple Bs on her cheek. Since this is the third death in as many rodeos, attendance is down. Both riders and fans are spooked. Police are doing all they can to solve what have been labeled by press as the Buckle Bunny Bandit murders, but as far as Delilah’s concerned, they’re not working fast enough—especially, when she could be the next victim. She seeks help from a friend with a P.I. firm, but he refuses to handle such a volatile case, referring her to another team—Trident, Inc. But no way does she believe a bunch of renegade Navy SEALs will be able to help—especially when the one assigned to protect her has already broken her heart.