SEAL Team: Holiday Heroes Book # 2
December 29, 2017
Fulton Court Press e-book

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Happy New Year, Baby


These are the last words ice climber and former Navy SEAL, Brody Crawford, hears before his twin brother plunges to his death—with his pregnant wife watching and screaming in horror. Fast forward a year and Colby is frozen with not only grief but guilt, avoiding friends, his parents, and especially, his brother’s widow—Lilliana. A woman he’s always secretly adored.

With his adventure tourism business teetering on the brink of foreclosure, Lilliana—Kodiak Gorge Bank’s loan officer—makes him a deal. If he’ll come home for Christmas and the New Year’s Eve party being held to honor his brother, she’ll make good on his loan. What she doesn’t know is that Brody hasn’t been hiding from business woes, but her. How can he face the only woman he’s ever loved when he’s responsible for her husband’s death?