SEAL Team: Holiday Heroes Book # 5
July 22, 2019

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Easter Bunny Baby


For Heather Moore, the thought of her brother and sister-in-law dying in such a horrific manner is too much to take. As their surrogate, Heather is seven months pregnant with the couple’s long-awaited child. And now, she and former Navy SEAL turned nature guide, Ben Sutton, are in Alaska being stalked by the same man-eating grizzly. When terror sends her into early labor, Ben rushes to get her medical help.

Hundreds of miles from home, Heather’s in a precarious situation when a doctor issues an ultimatum—maintain complete bedrest or risk losing the baby girl who is her last remaining link to her brother. Ben offers to let her stay at his idyllic cabin where she finds herself not just falling for him but longing for a lifetime more of their enchanted days and romantic nights. Will he still be there for her, though, when a shocking development rips their cozy world apart?