Fatherhood September 1, 2007
Harlequin American Romance #1178 e-Book

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Dancing With Dalton

It takes two to tango, but Rose Vasquez hasn’t felt like dancing since her husband died. For her little
girl’s sake, she’s determined to make a new life in warm, friendly Hot Pepper, Louisiana. But something
strange and wonderful is happening in the dance studio she just bought, where her latest student
is—literally!—sweeping her off her feet.

Being groomed to someday take over his family’s banking business is one thing, but performing the tango at this year’s Miss Hot Pepper Pageant could be Dalton Montgomery’s greatest challenge. Especially when his alluring teacher and her irresistible daughter show him what’s been missing in his bachelor world. Now he’d like to return the favor by filling Rose’s dance card and becoming her partner—for keeps.

But is Rose ready to let another man into her life? Dalton hopes so, because he’s not willing to sit this one out!