SEAL Team: Holiday Heroes Book # 6
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Big Bang Baby

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Honorably discharged Navy SEAL, Jake Mahoney, is out for his morning run when he hears a crying baby. Upon discovering the baby is in a canoe that’s in the center of a lake filled with frigid snow run-off, he has no choice but to take a cold swim. By the time he reaches the infant, he’s hypothermic. After valiantly returning with the hysterical baby to his home and calling 9-1-1, he’s unconscious.

Jake wakes in the hospital asking nurses to see the baby. Confused, they claim to never have seen the infant he called ranting about. Feeling crazy, Jake embarks on the toughest mission of his life–finding the baby no one else believes exists. He soon enough discovers not only is he sane, but hopelessly entangled in a frightened new mother’s urgent need for rescue